Monday, November 2, 2009

Starting Again!

After taking a few months off from this blog, it is resurrected! I am starting several new projects around my farm and with my business, so I decided to journal my progress along the way. Perhaps a few readers will learn from my experience as well.

One project is a vegetable garden. I began yesterday--yes it's odd to be starting a garden in November, but I don't want to have to till the ground in the spring, so I am putting stuff on top of the grass and, voila, by spring, I will have a wonderful place to plant those veggies. Here's the formula:

6-8 sheets of newspapers then 2-3 inches of straw and manure, then 7-8" of fallen leaves, topped off with 2-3 inches of manure.

Good thing I have manure-producers right here on the farm!

I've completed a 4 foot x 12 foot plot so far--I want to triple that space in the next week or so. Hope the weather holds!

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