Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Healthy Living Doesn't Have To Be Challenging!

Darlene Martin, creator of BijouxBead, contributed this post--and I am grateful she did! Her advice is motivating me today--off to exercise and eat well!

We all know the benefits of leading a healthy, natural lifestyle. But in our fast paced world doing what is right for our bodies and minds can sometimes be daunting. Working harder than ever, who has the time or the energy to make balanced, healthy meals from scratch and head to the gym? By the end of a busy, stressful day it is so tempting to seek out prepared food and be sedentary for the rest of the day. Why? Because we are tired. But we are tired largely because of these two choices we make at the end of the day!

Healthy food preparation and exercise in the early evening need not be daunting. You don’t have to have fancy ingredients on hand and complicated recipes, nor do you need to don special high tech clothing and invest big dollars in equipment or memberships to get your workout. A healthy meal at the end of the day can be as simple as broiled fish, brown rice and salad with a glass of milk. And for exercise, a walk with your dog, a tickle fight with your child, or even some early evening gardening all count –your efforts will help you feel better, sleep better, and think more clearly.

Darlene Martin is a former professional athlete from Canada who now owns bijouxbead, a wearable art jewellery company. Her work has garnered much attention and press, and select pieces from the bijouxbead necklace collection are now available for purchase online at http://www.bijouxbead.etsy.com/


Silver River Jewelry said...

I find that if I exercise even a little (I usually walk 20 to 30 min on my treadmill) then I feel better the rest of the day. It really does up the energy level. Great article.

Leah said...

Brava Darlene!

I'm a big fan of simple living when it comes to food as well! For example, tonight was lean steak with a crunchy green salad. Fruit salad for dessert. How easy is that?!

Also, how expensive is all that boxed stuff?! It's bad for you and you can make a healthy alternative for a lot less and you're not loading your body with preservatives and tat!